Counselling Sessions – What You Can Expect

Mental Health is an expression used to describe our ability to cope with emotional upsets resulting from daily stresses. No work, redundancy, debts, family break-up, single parenthood, abusive relationship, death and the list goes on. 

There are many different mental illnesses which have different symptoms and impact differently on our lives.

They can have an effect on your thoughts, emotions, physical wellness, behaviour and the way you interact with others. Each of us experienced situation where emotions seem to dominate our thoughts and behaviour. 

We may go through a period where anything that was meaningful has drained away, nothing seems funny or fun anymore, you may feel that your head is constantly in a dark place. You may feel so heavy it is physical: a pressure on your ribs, a weight on your eyelids and an irritant on your skin. You have lost all your confidence and no longer trust that your talents or skills have any value. You may find it difficult to concentrate for a long period, even reading a paper or watching a movie.

Do you find yourself strangely untouched by the bad or sad things that happen to others or you feel overly sensitive, and every sad tale or tragedy you hear about seems to confirm or deepens your despair. You may even fear being alone, because you are frightened of the menacing power of your thoughts. The biggest fear is that this is never, going to end.

The thought of suicide and self-harming may have crossed your mind or you may have even attempted it.

Some or all of those experiences will probably strike a chord with you, and no doubt you have others of your own to add.

These period of stress when everything seems to be on top of you may last a few days, weeks, or years, depending on what changes in your life. All of us are able to handle different levels of stress at various stages of our lives and we do this in our own unique way. We may start by looking at our general state of health, our physical ability how we exercise, what we eat, how much we can afford to spend on healthy food.

How we manage difficult relationship, our self-esteem and confidence. Who we share our problems with, and what sort of relationship we form can be crucial in helping us to deal effectively with emotional distress.

I have 14 years experiencing supporting clients who have experienced all of the above. I will provide a safe space for you to explore all your concerns, showing a non-judgmental and compassionate approach.

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